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We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. Our fitness instructor team is highly skilled, motivational, patient and caring. Our goal is to make sure every class is challenging and fun!


This class is focused on working your body 360 degrees. The workout is all encompassing and will leave you feeling regenerated and wanting more!! You will find yourself completing challenging exercises and ending the workout with pilates and yoga stretching. All fitness levels can finish this class!


Get stronger today! And get a great aerobic workout at the same time. This high repetition, barbell and bench class is a great counterpart to individual strength training. It also improves flexibility and circulation. A variety of methods are used to support healthy muscle development and toning. Beginners to advanced level welcome!


ActvSpin™ Bikes


Combine cardio and strength training for a complete, balanced approach to getting in shape and staying fit with this great cross-training class, using weights, balls, bands, jump ropes, and more as your "Drill Instructor" motivates you to excel in this great boot camp style class. Beginners to advanced level welcome! Some classes will be offered outdoors to offer a different challenge!


This high-energy, cardio kickboxing class combines constant body movement with flexibility, and a fun, aggressive energy release. Incorporating the best of martial arts concepts, it's a great stress reliever and highly aerobic workout all in one! This is a whole body workout for all fitness levels!


Experience a peaceful method of movement which increase flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. Yoga and Pilates instructors will guide you through important principles.


This class will be unique and the instructor will tailor the class according to participants needs. A style of mix, for example may be Kick and Pilates for the hour. Stay in touch with the instructor and be prepared to learn new moves and increase your fitness level.


Get ready for a wild, "rock-n-ride" experience, as you get a fantastic cardio and leg-toning workout. Take a virtual journey toward better fitness without ever leaving your indoor cycling bike.


Strengthen your lower body and improve cardio endurance using step aerobics! This class is especially helpful for toning legs and calves. All levels from beginners to advanced steppers are welcome.


This 5 to 15-minute "mini class" is offered free of charge in conjunction with or after our other classes. It includes core movements for toning the abs, obliques, and back, and helps with stability. Experienced ab junkies and beginners will all find plenty of challenge as we tone and develop your core based on sound, safe muscle toning principles.

General Info

All aerobic classes are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted.

Be sure to Bring: Towel, water and a mat if you wish. Water is also available on site and water bottles are available for purchase. See Class details for any other information on needed items

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